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Terms of Services

  • All prices are based on a radius of 55 km from OMANMIX Rusayl Industrial Estate Plant. Additional charges shall be applied in case of an increase in 55 km distance;

  • All prices based on all costs applicable to the supply of goods. Prices may be adjusted to reflect any increase in any applicable cost occurring;

  • All Prices are in Omani Riyals;

  • All Payments shall be 100 % in advance prior to the delivery; Payments can be transferred to OMANMIX Bank Muscat Account,

  • Our prices complies with mix design standards practiced within the industry. Any specific design mix required by the consultants and / or building owners, shall be subject to revise quotation;

  • The minimum order quantity for each product shall be not be less than 4 m³;

  • Mixes are designed considering CUBE compressive strength;

  • Any quantity less than 20m³, Additional Charges shall be applied depending on the required pump size;

  • Any Quantity less than 11m³, Additional Charges shall be applicable;

  • In case of Temperature Controlled Concrete, Additional Temperature Controlled Charges shall applied depending on the required Temperature;

  • Slump Test or Temperature controlled concrete should be attended within 15 minutes of arrival at site. If required, customer can request an in-house laboratory compressive strength test report at the time of order booking. In case of third party test report, additional charges will be incurred;

  • OMAN MIX is not responsible for slump, strength or quality of any concrete to which water or other material has been added by or on behalf of Client. Client is responsible to see that the concrete is handled in accordance with best construction practices. OMANMIX MIX has no control over the placing or handling of concrete after unloading and does not guarantee the finished work in which it is used;

  • Concrete temperature will be dictated by the environmental and material conditions at the time of delivery. Any requirement beyond these conditions will require the implementation of controlled measures during production at the expense of Client;

  • Client shall be responsible for ensuring clear site access and provide suitable road for pump and transit mixers. After completion of concrete pouring, client will be responsible for providing location on site for cleaning the transit mixers and pump;

  • Pouring of concrete on site shall be under the full supervision of clients authorized representative;

  • For General Mix Concrete, your material request should reach us 72 hours prior to shipment;

  • Transportation Time of Concrete from Plant to the Site shall be agreed at the time of finalization;

  • Time for delivery shall not be of the essence of the Contract;

  • The Company shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever whether direct or consequential (including for the avoidance of doubt, any liability to any third party) resulting from delivery of the Materials or failure to deliver the Materials within a reasonable time whether such delay is caused by the Company’s negligence or otherwise howsoever;​

Unless otherwise agreed in writing in an individual case. these Standard Terms and Conditions shall apply.

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Terms & Conditions

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